How Do We Provide This Service?

It starts with you.

It continues with us, a company that has years of experience not only in IT, but in business and how IT directly affects business in the sense of productivity and profitability. We don’t just fix your computers, we make them work for you. We convert those with the mindset that IT is a necessary evil into those with the mindset that their IT is one of their greatest assets. We mix in automated system tools and services that allow us to act as your own personal IT department. We Are Insurers of Continuity and Liaisons of Technology. We are positioned to be as much or as little of your IT support as you need. If you already have staff on board, let us help supplement them with help they may need and with valuable solutions they may not have been aware of. Do you not have anyone looking over your IT? Let us take over that roll for you so you can concentrate on managing and growing your business. Let our experience in IT be the peace of mind you need to succeed.

What Are Managed Services?

A managed services provider (MSP), is typically an information technology (IT) services support company, who manages and assumes responsibility of another company’s entire network. Think of us are your virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) and technical support staff.

Unlike most other MSPs, we bill a flat monthly fee, which benefits our clients by providing them with predictable IT support costs. This is opposed to an old model of support called “break-fix” where a technician would only come out when there is a problem, which most often is caused by something that should have never evolved into a problem had there been the kind of on-going, constant monitoring and support that is offered by our company.

Why Do You Need Managed Services for Your IT?

The simplest reason is peace of mind.

For our clients to be able to hand off the stress related to such an important aspect of a business to us has proven to be the greatest recurring theme. Another great reason is related to the cost savings of our consulting, auditing and IT services. By providing these kinds of services, it is just one of the many extra steps we take to ensure that peace of mind. The value of what we provide easily equates to 5 or more times the costs of our services. This means top quality consulting and services for a fraction of the price that it would cost to hire an internal employee or have other IT companies overcharge you on a break-fix model of support. Because we have streamlined and evolved our processes and support, we are able to offer them to our clients at a rate that easily beats the costs of our competitors and beats the related overhead of hiring internally.

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